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Upcoming Events

Friday - 11/17/2017
City Heat Chicago's Patch Night

Saturday - 11/25/2017
Phormed Alliance MC's Blackout Anniversary Party

Wednesday - 12/06/2017
City Heat Chicago's Annual Charity Fundraising Bash

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Individual membership

Individuals wishing to apply for membership must:

  1. live within fifty miles of the chapter,  AND
  2. own or are about to purchase a motorcycle (minimum of 750cc), AND
  3. be an active participant in Club functions.

We require a “hang-around” period so that the applicant and our members get to know each other.  Successful applicants serve a probationary period during which time they demonstrate their desire to be a part of the City Heat family. Our members earn their “colors” and wear them with pride. They are expected to maintain their commitment to the Club after their probation is completed and are subject to yearly reviews regarding participation and conduct.

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